27 janv. 2011

CT call

hi girls, I'm having a call!


* 1 layouts per kit (more if you want)
* be active on your blog or facebook or forums
* post your layout in at least 3 galeries: DST, my shop galery and 1 of your choice.

to apply, join a brief bio, where you're active and which CT you are on.

email me : seni.gio1@gmail.com

the deadline is: february 6th

thanks :)

4 janv. 2011

Birthday !!

Hi, thursday it's my birthday! I offer you a present !!! 25% off my kit if you enter this coupon: seniBDAY

enjoy !

ps: this coupon is available till 8th january :)

Dear santa, New kit

Dear Santa, is my new kit available @ SHABBYPICKLESDESIGNS